Heute vor 3 Jahren....was fuer ein Tag

Led Zeppelin live
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Re: Heute vor 3 Jahren....was fuer ein Tag

Beitragvon Four Symbols » Sa Dez 11, 2010 3:08 pm

The Things They Say:

"At one point we were in rehearsal, and this old lady turned up with sandwiches: "Robert, here you are, I put an extra pickle on for you... Jimmy, yours are here; John, here's your salad.' When we took a break, everyone would take a section of the newspaper and read. And I'm going, 'Where's the debauchery? Where's the upside down crosses and naked girls and sacrificial tables with virgins on them?'" JOHN BONHAM's son JASON was stunned by the lack of bad behaviour when he filled in for his late father at LED ZEPPELIN's 2007 reunion show.

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Re: Heute vor 3 Jahren....was fuer ein Tag

Beitragvon Four Symbols » Sa Dez 11, 2010 3:18 pm

Einen hab ich noch:

Bonham's Led Zeppelin Meltdown

JOHN BONHAM's son JASON suffered a minor meltdown before taking to the stage with LED ZEPPELIN at the band's reunion gig in 2007 - he became so frustrated he crushed his drum pedals under the wheels of his car.

The Foreigner star stepped in to replace his late father at the legendary group's one-off concert at London's O2 Arena and admits he was under so much pressure in the run up to the performance, he snapped and destroyed his equipment.

Bonham admits he can now look back on his moment of madness and see the funny side - likening it to a scene from rock parody movie This Is Spinal Tap.

He tells Nightwatcher's House Of Rock, "My biggest Spinal Tap moment was a stupid one as well. When we were rehearsing for the Zeppelin O2 gig, I was having an argument with my drum pedals. I actually took them outside, and drove over them several times with the car. Shouting at them and telling them they'll never work again. That would have to be the stupidest one that I could think of."
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