Long Beach 12.März 75

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Long Beach 12.März 75

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kompletter Output von Robert während des abends

Rock and Roll
Sick Again

Malacoom Salaam (sp). Thank you very much. Good Evening. Hello. Welcome.
Sorry about the delay, but the treacherous conditions on the
road...there's snow storms back in Hollywood. What we intend to do
tonight...was anybody here last night? You mean you could sleep after
all that? We intend to cut...take a lemon with a knife and slice it all
the way through, and you get bittersweet changes of taste, right. We
gonna give you changes taste in the music that we've written in the last six and a half years.
Total changes, and we want you to come with us on this little journey, right.
And it starts...the road starts with
questioning, and it starts like this.

Over The Hills And Far Away

Thank you. GOOD EVENING! Right, let's keep it nice and warm. In fact it's so warm I should have put me other shirt on.
I always got a choice of two. It might have come to your attention during the last week that
we finally got an album out, Physical Graffiti, which apparently is doing quite well.
In fact it's gonna go far and out (?), so we'd like to thank you for your...sort of your constant support.
Genuinely, no crap. We're gonna do some of the things from that tonight, and as you realize that's quite a varied bag.
This is the first one that comes from time immemorial.

In My Time of Dying

Thank you. That is...that was an old work song actually, a long time
before Mr. Zimmerman listened to it down in the Village, back in the
1960's. This next piece, I'm gonna call them pieces now, I used to call
them numbers, but that's when you're in Vegas. The next piece is
something that came to us after a lot of traveling, a lot of journeys.
In fact, when you boil it down nearly everything is inspired by motion
and motivation and movement. This one was around the world in such
wondrous places as Bombay and Calcutta and Taiwan.
I don't know, all them places that you shouldn't be.
It's called The Song Remains The Same.

The Song Remains The Same

[When Jimmy broke a string, Robert called for a halt:]

"Wait a minute, hang on, just a minute, just a minute. Thank you very much.
I said see you again Long Beach, good night. They didn't tell me it was like this in Valhalla.
Yes, it happened. For the first time in six and a half years.
Does anybody remember laughter? The first time we even came to this part of the world....shut up!...
.is when we played at the Whiskey in 1968. We were gonna do four gigs there, right? We did one.
And Jimmy got, uh, what was it?
Anyway, we never seem to be able to get things together in Los Angeles on a very firm basis, but then (?) the Song Remains
Never the less continuously added tonight into the (something?) reacurring the Same.

The Rain Song

It is the summer of my smiles, indeed. The gentleman who motivated the orchestra then, Mr. John Paul Jones.
That was a little softer. I think Andy Williams is going to do it next. This is another featuring
Mellotron, another piece. This is one about...I don't know who we should dedicate this to really. To anybody who got divorced today. It's called Kashmir.



GOOD EVENING! You're reactions are a bit slow, a bit lethargic. GOOD EVENING! What a lot of strange noises, how (?) nice and pleasant.
That's just a bird of paradise some where out there. This next...what were we calling them, piece, features the dynamically subtle fingers of John Paul Jones. He's becoming quite a celeberati, he's getting quite a name in the keyboard world. This is a thing, a serious thing, called No Quarter.

No Quarter

That was thoroughly enjoyable. Better than a good chick, almost. What am I talking about? This is another track from Physical Graffiti.
This is a track that has many references to the automobile, which of course it has nothing to do with. It's called Trampled Underfoot. Trampled Under Jimmy's Foot.

Trampled Underfoot

Regardless of expense we thought that we could bring you this spectacle two nights in a row.
Regardless of the price of Black Beauties. Ladies and gentlemen, because we're no longer boys and girls, are we?
You know there are only two cavities (tape is cut). John Bonham, Moby Dick.

Moby Dick

John Bonham. Bonzo Bonham. Moby Dick. Take a bow, John. John Bonham.
Moby Dick.

We've got to dedicate this one to a friend of ours who isn't' here. That
makes good sense. This is someone that came in at the very beginning, it was first climax that we reached together...as a foursome.
We dedicate this to Roy Harper, a very good friend of ours. Where ever you are Roy, don't stay in that state too long.

Dazed and Confused

Jimmy Page, guitar. (sings) "Have you seen your mother, baby, standing in the" This, what were we calling them, pieces or numbers?
This next piece is a...(imitates fan mindlessly screaming) Ahhhhhh. Stage right, Howling Wolf. This next piece, as
I think the vibes are really good tonight, a bit better than last night, too many reds. By the time we get to the Forum you should be sky high.
So, without further schmaltz.
I suppose it's for you really. Here it comes.

Stairway to Heaven

Ladies and gentleman of Long Beach, thank you very much. Thanks a lot.
It's been a nice time. Good night.

Band returns for encore

GOOD EVENING. GOOD EVENING We'd like to dedicate this song to a very good friend of ours whose birthday it is today.
To Steve Weiss. Let's have a little (leads crowd in singing) "Happy Birthday to you. Happy Birthday to you.
Happy Birthday dear Steven. Happy" (crowd finishes song). Steve Weiss, many happy returns on the day.

Whole Lotta Love

Thank you. Thank you. GOOD EVENING. I said GOOD EVENING.


Thank you very much. Our bicycle clip was caught in our sock. Good night.
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