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RX Magazine Interview 12-2010

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von Four Symbols
Gefunden auf der Facebook Seite des Magazines:

Complete Jason Bonham interview from December 2010 issue of RX Magazine.

Jason Bonham is the son of John Bonham who is considered by many as the greatest rock and roll drummer to ever live and revered by pretty much every single drummer alive as an influence.

Twice now Jason has been able to fill his late father’s shoes behind the kit with Led Zeppelin (1988, 2007) and when the reunion tour talks with Jason in his dad’s place kind of fell apart he was approached by Annerin Productions who were behind “The Pink Floyd Experience” and “Rain, a Tribute to the Beatles” about doing the same thing for Led Zeppelin.

He finally accepted and the show is now touring the U.S. and wowing audiences everywhere it goes. With special home video from Jason and his father before his untimely death in 1980 and photos incorporated into the show it is an amazing tribute to the band and his father on the 30th anniversary of his death.

I got to talk to Jason before the October 19th date at the State Theater in Minneapolis about the show and it is my honor to bring that conversation to you.

Izzy Presley - How soon after the zeppelin reunion fell apart did this start getting put together?

Jason Bonham – About 2 years after, really. A year after we did the show in 2007 I was working with John Paul [Jones] in 2008 and it was most of 2009 I was just moping around the house feeling sorry for myself when that thing kind of fell apart.

It wasn’t something that I really thought about. There was talk of it by my manager and by Annerin themselves, but I was not convinced. It wasn’t until the end of 2009 when I went to see the “Rain” show and that was a polite response to before I said no.

After seeing the “Rain” show and seeing some of the ideas they had in there I started to think I can do this slightly different and it just started to evolve. It wasn’t until about half way through this year it became something that I was very, very into 110%.

I had to make sure it was ok with the others and I spoke to Robert [Plant] about it at length and my mom had given me footage that she would never let out of the house. It really did start to become something that was just more than just a concert, it became more of a personal thing and so far with the five shows we’ve done I can’t describe the feeling I get. I wouldn’t imagine this in a million years.

Izzy Presley - With the success of Beatles Love and the Viva Elvis Cirque du Soleil shows in Vegas, would you consider doing this for an extended run in Sin City?

Jason Bonham – I think it’s too early to really say anything like that. I was uncomfortable just to do this right away. The thought of Vegas makes me feel fearful again.

If you would have said to me at the start of this tour that the crowd is gonna be the way it is I would have said you were crazy. It really is a wonderful feeling being up there and the amount of love that comes back from the fans. They really get what I am doing and they really get that it’s honest.

This is me, I miss my dad, and this is my way of dealing with it.

To answer your question I will cross that bridge if somebody ever asks.

Izzy Presley - Who is playing with you?

Jason Bonham – I Kept everyone’s name from being announced until after the first couple shows because it kept the show for what it was rather than the names of the people.

You can go on the internet and you take the name and type it in there and google. I wouldn’t want people having prejudged ideas of what people have done in the past, I want them being judged on what they do in the show.

You wont be disappointed. It’s been great looking on the web sites and the web blogs and watching the first couple shows and waiting on the Youtube clips. It’s been wonderful seeing the reaction from people going “Oh my god that’s so and so. Oh yeah, wow, he was perfect” so that’s been pretty cool.

Izzy Presley - How close were you to finding a different singer for Zeppelin after the reunion? There were rumors all over about you guys trying out Steven Tyler and a few others.

Jason Bonham – Joe Perry had mentioned it in one of his interviews about Steven come over and sang but as far as I know and definitely know this, it was really just jamming and it was never, ever going to be called Led Zeppelin if it had gone any further.

It had been talked about by John Paul Jones and a few of us now but as I know and it’s my own thought that it never would have been called Led Zeppelin. There was a little bit of a harsh response from fans saying “you can’t have Led Zeppelin with someone else singing”. Well, it was never talked about.

I will say this; I had a great time jamming with Jimmy [Page] and John Paul and various different people and of course the greatest time of all was the two gigs.

Izzy Presley – Which reunion show was more special for you: the Atlantic Records 40th anniversary show in 1988 or the 2007 O2 Ahmet Ertegün tribute show?

Jason Bonham – I would say the critically acclaimed 2007 show which one writer said “The return of the greatest band ever and still the heaviest band that will ever be” and for me to read that when I was the drummer was kind of the greatest feeling in the world. The Mojo best band of 2007 and live act.

That show was a really powerful experience and I am really hoping that it comes out in the near future.

Izzy Presley - What was the turning point where you decided to get sober?

Jason Bonham – In England and for all of us in my family, we all have a different place on where or what we think an alcoholic is. If you still have your family and your house and your car, doing well, and don’t look like a homeless guy while drinking out of a paper bag; if all of those things are not happening to you and still got everything the belief is there is nothing wrong with you.

You can falsify and pretend and create like I used to that my world was perfect and be calculated that much and that was the demon, alcohol. I would be so calculated that I would get everything ready to be done by noon so I could drink. Any piece of work, everything done and cleared up so I could have a drink.

The hardest part for me to come to reality with it was that I didn’t drink every day. So to me it was like “am I really an alcoholic? I don’t drink every day, I don’t drink in the morning, and I don’t have the shakes”.

I had talked to a few people who had tried to get in the rooms way before and heard the stories and thought “I have nothing in common with that story. None of that is my life”. I got off the ladder at a different place.

They say that they called it “the yets”. I didn’t kill someone on my bike, I didn’t kill someone with my car, I didn’t kill anyone yet. That’s what did it. I actually felt pretty lucky.

The statistics aren’t great, they are horrible, but I am ok with it. I think you have to be ready. I think you gotta want to think you want to do it. You can’t think you have to do it and you have to want to do it.

Izzy Presley - Would you rather do reality TV again or another movie?

Jason Bonham – Another movie. Reality is kind of a strange thing because it really isn’t reality, it is just really good editing.

I would love to challenge myself to play something other than a drunk rock star. I would love to be a gangster. I would love to be a bad ass. I would love to play a villain because I am the furthest from a hard ass in the world (laughs).

I kind of have that look with the shaved head. I would be typecast as that guy, you know. That itself intrigues me to get inside a psychopathic character. Maybe I have an alter ego that wants to release all the pent up things from when I was drinkin, I don’t know.

Izzy Presley - Steel Dragon, Damnocracy, or Black Country Communion? Which one is the better super group?

Jason Bonham - Black Country Communion. It’s real. It’s not pretend. I have been reading all the reviews and it’s doing exceedingly well around the world and I am very pleased. Plus it’s the quickest I have ever recorded an album; 10 days total. Mixed. Four days recording, four days overdubs, and 2 days mixing.

We are going to try and extend ourselves to 2 weeks for the next album (laughs).

Izzy Presley – I had heard that the plan is to tour with BCC after the second record is out.

Jason Bonham – The plan is to do a show at the end of the year in England which I have been pushing to do. In January we are going to go back into the studio and record another album, then we are going to hit the road. We thought we could get two albums worth of material together for when we go out we can still be promoting both products

Were you a natural when you started playing or did you really have to work at it?

Jason Bonham – I really had to work at it later. In the beginning I really don’t remember being taught.

In the show before “The Song Remains The Same” I have the stupidest haircut in the world; it’s bad, it’s a bad haircut, and you can see I’m playing and I can’t be older than 4; what I’m dong and how I’m playing. It’s weird to watch for me and I always say “why don’t I remember that?”

For me motor cross was kind of my favorite thing to do so the drumming part kind of got sidelined so when I say I had to work at it later; I was a fantastic 6 year old drummer, a brilliant 7 year old drummer, a brilliant 8 year old drummer, a fantastic 12 year old drummer, and a mediocre 16 year old drummer, very mediocre. I was so into my motor cross from age 11 till I was 16 that I never picked up the sticks.

I would practice on the bike three days a week, I would race three days a week, it was my life. My school books in that period and just all motor cross. It’s something I still do to this day and still have a passion for and some of my best friends are all motor cross champions from America and I feel honored to hang out with.

They are like “we’re motor cross guys, YOU are the musician guy, you’re the superstar” and I’m like “no, no, no, you are to me” and I look up to them, it’s great. It’s like meeting your basketball hero or your football hero. When I get to hang out with them and go riding with them it’s like “Oh my god I am riding with this guy!”

Izzy Presley – Last question is from my close personal friend Craig Hanna who is a drummer and his band ANNEX does “Moby Dick” in their set: What’s the key to developing good foot control?

Jason Bonham - (laughs) And my answer would be – when he finds it can he call me? (laughs).

It’s the weirdest thing. Sometimes I can sit on the drum kit on someone else’s pedal and do more with somebody else’s pedal than if I touched it myself, than I can on my own [drum kit[.

We were rehearsing for the O2 and the opening song was going to be “Good Times Bad Times’. My whole thing was that even though I have been a double pedal player for about 12 years, I have never used it for triplets. I had only used it for certain double hits at the end and adding on certain little accents. I had never really been a double player any way, I had never done the (makes double bass sound) you know, that kind of vibe.

So I would do this trick where there would be a triplet on the end and a triplet on the other and so it would become more quartered. When it came to “Good Times Bad Times’ they said “well you can’t use that, you have to do the triplets on the one pedal”. I have my pedals so hard and so weighted that when I was playing just strait beats it felt great but I couldn’t do a triplet on the one pedal.

So when I adjusted it, it felt like crap.

One day I will never forget when I really lost my temper. Robert arrived at the studio and I’m outside in an S.U.V. going over, up and down these pedals that I had just been trying out and smashing them to pieces, shouting and tossing them out the window of the car. I just lost it. I completely had a moment of breakdown because I just couldn’t do it [the triplet].

I remember him going “You alright?” and I go “yeah, f’ing pedal”.

Then he goes “just sit back, relax, and just don’t get so uptight!”

And I go (in a super whiney/crying voice) “that’s easy for you to say, I’m trying to do “Good Times Bad Times” and you want me to sing on it as well”.

God that was funny; was just one of those things.

So he is asking the wrong person about foot control (laughs), I’ve lost control (laughs).

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Re: RX Magazine Interview 12-2010

BeitragVerfasst: Do Dez 23, 2010 11:32 am
von sehämmerleofsegods
Wer sich eine Vorstellung machen möchte, was diese " Triplets" ( Triolen) sind, die der geplagte Jason nicht mit einem Fuss hinbekommt ( und neben ihm kein anderer Drummer auf diesem Planeten so schön spielen konnte und kann wie sein Vater), möge sich auf:

die Sequenz mit Franklin Vanderbilt ( Schlagzeuger von Lenny Kravitz) anschauen. Franklin spielte bei seinem Besuch auf einem Bonham Set, wie es der Meister auf der 77er Tour und in Knebworth gespielt hat und war sofort vom " Bonham- Fever" infiziert. Die broken Triplets sind die schnellen Doppelschläge mit dem rechten Fuss nach dem Schlag mit der rechten Hand uffm Hihat:
zick-bumbum, zick-bumbum, zick-bumbum in einen " normalen " Rhythmus als Verzierung gepackt...grossartig, des war halt a Kerles, onser Bonzo! Auf der Seite, bei " Drummers Corner" ist auch ein nettes kleines Interview mit dem alten Haudegen Ian Paice, vor 3 Wochen , vor dem Stuttgartkonzert der Firma Deep Purple.
Frohe Weihnachten euch allen!

Re: RX Magazine Interview 12-2010

BeitragVerfasst: Do Dez 23, 2010 1:16 pm
von sehämmerleofsegods
Wer mir per PM oder E-mail ( den Titel eines Zep- Songs schreibt, den Franklin Vanderbilt in der Videosequenz trommelt, bekommt als schönes Weihnachtsgeschenk ein unterschriebenes Trommelfell von Herrn Paice!

Re: RX Magazine Interview 12-2010

BeitragVerfasst: Do Dez 23, 2010 4:19 pm
von sehämmerleofsegods
Bis jetzt 2 Teilnehmer, einer goldrichtig und einer auf jeden Fall einen schönen Trostpreis wert.....aber es geht ja noch über Weihnachten! Traut euch , mitzumachen, ihr habt doch alle Riddmuss em Ranza!

Re: RX Magazine Interview 12-2010

BeitragVerfasst: Do Dez 23, 2010 4:24 pm
von Zeppelianer
noiiiii dor biiier

Re: RX Magazine Interview 12-2010

BeitragVerfasst: Do Dez 23, 2010 4:38 pm
von sehämmerleofsegods
Erscht ab 16, Jakob!!! Holt ihr den Ämp heut noch ab???

Re: RX Magazine Interview 12-2010

BeitragVerfasst: Do Dez 23, 2010 4:40 pm
von sehämmerleofsegods
Ausserdem bisch Du von der Teilnahme ausgeschlossen! Du warsch ja drbei beim Ian und hasch Dir Deim Vadder sei Made in Japan signieren lassen! Des reicht, für Dei Alder!

Re: RX Magazine Interview 12-2010

BeitragVerfasst: Do Dez 23, 2010 9:42 pm
von Wind-of-Thor
Marcel, ein wirklich tolles Angebot von Dir. Ich war auf dem Bonzo Tribute Konzert dabei und habe das Highlight noch im Ohr.
Er spielt wirklich mehr als diesen Song, das habe sogar ich als nicht Musiker rausgehört.
Ist gar nicht so einfach wenn man nur das Drumming hört. Danke Dir vielmals für dieses Angebot.
Sollte Paice mal wieder kommen, dann nimm mich doch einfach mit, dann hab ich auch mein Autogramm :D :D :D
Ich hätte wohl auch die "Live in Japan" mitgenommen, wahrscheinlich sogar noch "in Rock".

Jungs und Mädels, haut rein und hört die Platten durch, ein original Autogramm ist immer geil. Und das von keinem Nuller sondern von Ian Paice.
Wo gibts das sonst für umme?????
Nochmals Danke Hämmerle

Re: RX Magazine Interview 12-2010

BeitragVerfasst: Do Dez 23, 2010 11:24 pm
von Zeppelianer
Ja, den Ämp holmer ab. Und bei dem Spiel hann i doch gar et mitgmacht. Bin zfriede mit dr "Mäid in Japan". :D

Re: RX Magazine Interview 12-2010

BeitragVerfasst: Fr Dez 24, 2010 8:57 am
von sehämmerleofsegods
Achim, thank YOU for being my president!